Remove Troj/AutoIt-AFD to Evade Windows PC Damages

Troj/AutoIt-AFD Troj/AutoIt-AFD is latest addition to the list of malicious PC threats developed by cyber criminals. Recently, Microsoft Security Essentials have detected this vicious Trojan and considered as most destructive threat ever found. It belongs to the category of Trojan which when enter your PC brings about several changes and connect your computer to remote hackers allowing them to access your personal data. Actually, Troj/AutoIt-AFD is malicious Windows executable file of size 454K which is specially programmed by computer hackers with an intention to infect Windows based computers and completely modified its settings by dropping junk entries. It is strongly recommended to remove Troj/AutoIt-AFD immediately from your computer otherwise your PC might become unusable.

Troj/AutoIt-AFD automatically takes secret entry in your computer without getting any consent from users. In most of the cases it sneaks into your PC when you visit unsafe websites and perform freeware downloads. Spam email attachments and Peer-to-Peer file sharing over network are also responsible for the entry of this dangerous threat. It doesn’t matter how it infect your PC, matter is what damages it can cause and how to remove Troj/AutoIt-AFD from your PC immediately.


Harmful Consequences of Troj/AutoIt-AFD

File Modification: This malicious piece of program modifies system settings and modifies system files in following manner:

%PROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{E2564744-A8ED-497D-924B-A548B20CA034}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\Folders.dbx
%PROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{E2564744-A8ED-497D-924B-A548B20CA034}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\Offline.dbx

Registry Modification: Immediately after entering your PC, it started to add junk entries in Windows registry and completely corrupt your computer. You will find malicious entries in Windows registry like as:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\1
HKCU\Identities\{E2564744-A8ED-497D-924B-A548B20CA034}\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0

Identity Theft: Troj/AutoIt-AFD automatically connects your PC to remote hackers who keep an eye on your each system activities and wisely steal your confidential data like bank account number, username, password, credit card details etc. It makes you victims of data stealth and identity theft very easily.

Hamper Internet Activities: You unable to visit any authentic website as it block internet activities and changes browser settings. It will redirect your search results to malicious websites which loads your PC with additional malware and threats.

How to Remove Troj/AutoIt-AFD ??

If you are also one of the victims of this malicious PC threat then you must Whytake immediate step to delete Troj/AutoIt-AFD from your infected computer. Any delay in removal might cause serious damage to your computer and can also cause system crash. You can remove Troj/AutoIt-AFD from your compromised PC both manually and automatically. If you are expert computer professional you can go for manual deletion process which is as follows:

• Open Task Manager and terminate the executable process of Troj/AutoIt-AFD
• Edit Windows registry editor and remove all junk entries from the registry
• Locate and delete all malicious files related to Troj/AutoIt-AFD

This is all about manual removal process but it is not guaranteed removal of Trojan as it leaves some hidden files and folders which further causes system damages. So, it is strongly recommended to opt for automatic removal method.

Experts recommendations are always to remove Troj/AutoIt-AFD automatically from your infected PC as it offers guaranteed removal. With the help of advanced Automatic Troj/AutoIt-AFD Removal Tool you can get rid of this harmful PC threat within few minutes. It is developed using powerful algorithm so perform deep scanning of your system to detect all hidden threats and remove them completely. It not only cleans your PC but also protect from further harmful infections. It also optimizes system memory and enhance its speed.

Security Practices for Your PC

• Update Firewall
• Always use advanced and updated antivirus program
• Never click random links
• Avoid opening spam email attachments
• Use strong password over networks
• Restrict remote access to you computer
• Uninstall unnecessary programs and applications
• Never use infected removable storage devices