Remove Troj/Ransom-AFT : Comprehensive Guide for Troj/Ransom-AFT Removal

images (1)Troj/Ransom-AFT is one of the devious kind of PC threat which completely deteriorate the functioning of your computer by dropping malicious files into it. It originate from the family of Backdoor Trojan whose functionality is to enable hackers to gain complete command over infected computer. Troj/Ransom-AFT creates a security loophole and provides a covert channel to the criminals to send signals and perform an unauthorized access to compromised computer. Other mutation of this vicious trojan is Trojan Ransom and Trojan.Ransom.Hexzone both of which has destroyed several Windows PCs all across the globe. In a similar manner, Troj/Ransom-AFT also affects mainly Windows operating system including Windows 7/ XP/Vista/ NT.

This rogue piece of malware attacks your computer via social engineering ads and hides itself in the background. Each time when you start your PC it started to execute itself and performs destructive actions. It is developed in such a way that it has capability to disable the running security software in your system due to which it remains undetected and easily creates havoc. So, it is strongly recommended that you should remove Troj/Ransom-AFTfrom your computer immediately upon detection.


Routes of Troj/Ransom-AFT Infection

Visit to Unsafe Websites: Naïve internet users usually make visit to unsafe websites and click unknown links which gives invitation to such kinds of threats.

Peer-to-Peer File sharing: These days, users perform online file sharing on large and regular basis which is very much responsible for Troj/Ransom-AFT infection.

Infected Email Attachments: It is another major source of trojan attack as criminals send malicious threats via spam emails and attachments very easily.

Freeware Downloads: Most of the people downloads several freeware programs, plugins and toolbar alongwhich several threats takes entry in your PC.

Properties of Troj/Ransom-AFT

Backdoor Property: Troj/Ransom-AFT opens backdoor for the entry of additional harmful threats and allows unauthorized access to compromised computer.

Hiding Capability: Having abilities to hide itself in the background so that remain undetected even with advanced antispyware program.

System Modification: It completely modifies desktop settings by changing background images, addition of new shortcuts and dropping junk entries to Windows registry.

Browser Redirection: Changes homepage settings of browsers like Chrome, Opera and Mozila etc. It keeps track of web browsing history and secretly knows your internet activities.

DDOS Attack: It has capability to perform distributed Denial of Service Attack on other computers due to which intended users are unable to use the network resources.

Manual Removal Instructions

If you want to remove Troj/Ransom-AFT manually from your infected computer then you need to follow below instructions very carefully:

• Press ALT+CTRL+DEL in order to open Windows Task Manager. Thenafter move to “Process” tab and select the executable process of Troj/Ransom-AFT and kill running process like wl.exe, services.exe, Ho0lW43d.exe, pqqnqdpn.exe etc.

• Delete files associated with Troj/Ransom-AFT aZFQEU7nWEWU.dll, ac_VZHEH4bVx.dll, aX6kXZo_ner.dll, das368.tmp, aO2sUkDmi9WxvwTJr.dll

• Type “Regedit” on command prompt and open Windows Registry Editor. After that you need to find junk registry entries and delete them like as: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\SharedTaskScheduler\{61861D95-85BF-3ECF-42CA-A672EB2925BE} HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser HelperObjects\{9EC90B7A-E7D9-488F-84CD-C018FDA695F3}

Note: Manual removal method is very risky and complicated one. Slight mistake in deleting dll files and registry entries can put your computer at great risk of data loss. So, if you follow experts instructions then its better that you should avoid this method and go for automatic removal.

Automatic Removal

One of the best and easiest ways to get rid of Troj/Ransom-AFT is to opt for Automatic Troj/Ransom-AFT Removal Tool. Using this advanced tool you can remove this harmful infection from your PC within few simple clicks. It performs deep scanning of your computer and also having capabilities to identify new threats. Automatic Troj/Ransom-AFT Removal Tool acts system guard and restrict the entry of foreign items in your PC. It optimizes system memory and also enhances the performance of your computer. So, if your PC is infected with Troj/Ransom-AFT then you should use Troj/Ransom-AFT Removal Tool to completely remove it.