YTDownloader Virus

Remove YTDownloader Virus: Know the Removal Instructions from Infected PC

YTDownloader VirusYTDownloader Virus is potentially unwanted program which must be removed from your computer immediately otherwise you will lose your essential data and precious money. However, it is very popular online as perfect add-on for downloading Youtube videos but you must know it is completely fake application which tends to appear as legitimate tool and designed to cheat the novice users. As you already know that Youtube is one of the popular video sharing websites and large number of users are downloading their favorite movies and videos from here on regular basis. Most of the users also download add-ons for easy and fast downloading of Youtube videos but while doing so they invite adware to their PC which causes severe damages. One such adware is YTDownloader Virus. So, you must not download this fake add-on and remove YTDownloader Virus in case if it has installed in your computer.


In most of the cases users installed it in their PC intentionally thinking it as legitimate add-on but sometimes it automatically infiltrates your PC through network vulnerabilities like malicious websites, freeware downloads and opening spam emails. So, it is strongly recommended that before downloading any program you must perform a pre-search and collect complete information about it. You should also take proper security measures and avoid spam emails and visiting rogue websites.

What Happened When YTDownloader Virus Installed in Your PC?

After getting installed in your computer it loads your system with several other malicious Trojans and adware like as JS:DownloadNSave-B [PUP], Win32:Adware-AQG [PUP] and Win32:MultiPlug-X [PUP] etc. According to researches performed by experts, it has been found that YTDownloader Virus also installs Browser Helper Object which re-downloads regularly. It will show you pop-ups advertisements, web banners, offers and several types of coupons to trap your its web. It will show you several PC Protection Tools and also force you to pay for licensed version in order to extract your money wisely. But you should not pay attention over it and remove YTDownloader Virus as soon as possible.

YTDownloader Virus completely modifies the settings of your computer and add several junk entries in Windows registry. It also disables the Antivirus program present in your computer so that it remains undetected. Along with system performance it also affects the Internet activities by hijacking your browsers. It modifies settings of browsers and causes redirection of your search results to malicious websites. YTDownloader Virus is great security risk to your computer and must be removed instantly.

How to Remove YTDownloader Virus?

  1. It is possible to remove YTDownloader Virus both manually and automatically. In order to remove it manually you need to follow below cites steps:
  2. Open Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs and uninstall YTDownloader Virus
  3. Press ALT+CTRL+DEL to open Windows Task MAanger and then move to “Process” tab. From there select the executable processes of YTDownloader Virus and stop them immediately.

Open Windows Registry Editor by typing “regedit” on command prompt and then find the junk registry entries and delete them completely

But you must perform the tasks very carefully as slight mistake can land you in situations of data loss. So, opt manual removal only if you are technically expert.

Automatic Way to Remove YTDownloader Virus

One of the best method to remove YTDownloader Virus is to opt for Automatic YTDownloader Virus Removal Tool. It is advanced tool specially developed to remove YTDownloader Virus and other malicious malware present in your computer. It is capable to remove all kinds of PC threats and also enhance the performance of your computer. So, if your PC is infected with YTDownloader Virus then you must install the tool and clean your PC.