Windows AntiBreach Patrol Removal Guide

About Windows AntiBreach Patrol

windows-antibreach-patrol-virusWindows AntiBreach Patrol is counterfeit security program designed by cyber criminals with an intention to steal your confidential data and completely gain command over your personal computer. Microsoft Security Essentials and several genuine PC Protection Tools have recently detected this rogue program and classified as most destructive threat which basically belongs to the family of FakeVimes malware. Fraudsters have created this malicious piece of program using illicit tactics and developed in such a way that it appears as legitimate tool and easily cheat the innocent users.

After entering your computer it start performing bogus scan and display fake malware results seeing which users really gets panic that their system is at security risk. Apart from this, Windows AntiBreach Patrol completely deteriorates system performance by its malicious activities and then compels the users to pay for the licensed version of this ridiculous application so as to protect the compromised PC. But you must know that entire problems appearing in your computer is only due to this rogue program so instead of paying you should take immediate steps to remove Windows AntiBreach Patrol from your infected PC otherwise you will be victims of identity theft and your PC gets crashed.

RemoveWindows AntiBreach Patrol

Common Error Messages After Windows AntiBreach Patrol Attack

Firewall has blocked a program from accessing the Internet
is suspected to have infected your PC.
This type of virus intercepts entered data and transmits them
to a remote server.

Your Computer is at security risk. Install and Activate Windows AntiBreach Patrol to get ultimate protection against identity theft, viruses, malware and other threats

How Windows AntiBreach Patrol Enter Your PC?

Internet is most common path for the entry of this counterfeit application. It is commonly seen that novice users usually click on unknown or suspicious links which open malicious websites and visiting such websites allow hackers to drop rogue program to you PC. In most of the cases Peer-to-Peer file sharing over network and opening infected email attachments create a smooth path for the entry of Windows AntiBreach Patrol. Downloading freeware, shareware and toolbars are very common now-a-days which allow such kinds of malicious program to take secret entry in your PC. You must also take proper security measures and scan the infected removable storage devices before using as it can also add such sneaky threats in your computer.

Consequences of Windows AntiBreach Patrol Infection

• System settings get modified automatically. You will find that desktop theme gets changes, new shortcuts start appearing
• Appearance of pop-ups and security alerts showing numerous viruses, Trojans and other PC threats
• Occurrence of Bluescreen Error of Death and unable to start your PC
• System application stops responding and each time you start your computer Windows AntiBreach Patrol start executing
• Modifies Windows Registry and add junk entries which might causes system crash
• System files automatically gets deleted and loss of confidential data like username, password, credit card information and bank details etc
• Google, Yahoo search results gets redirected to unsafe websites
• Web browsers gets hijacked by the computer hackers who easily track your activities and gain control over your PC
• Hackers can easily keeps track of your Internet browsing history

“Windows AntiBreach Patrol must be removed immediately. Click here to remove this infection from your PC.”

Manual Removal Instructions

If your PC is infected with Windows AntiBreach Patrol and you are having knowledge about registry editing then you can remove this bogus application from your infected computer manually by following below cited steps:

• Press ALT+CTRL+DELETE in order to open Windows Task Manager. Once it opened go to “Process” tab and then select the running processes of Windows AntiBreach Patrol. Click on “End Process” button to kill its executable processes

• Search and find all related files and folders of Windows AntiBreach Patrol and completely delete the from each locations of your system

• Go to Command Prompt type “Regedit” to open Windows Registry Editor. After opening the Editor you will find the list of entire entries. You need to select the junk entries and delete them immediately

In this way you can delete Windows AntiBreach Patrol from your compromised computer. But you should note that it is not guaranteed removal as there are chances that some traces of files might remain in your PC if not deleted properly.

Note: If you are expert computer professional only then you apply manual method otherwise its better to opt for any effective Removal Tool. As manual removal procedure is full of risks which might land you in conditions of data loss so if you follow expert recommendation then you must go for automatic removal.

Automatic Removal Method to Remove Windows AntiBreach Patrol

One of the best ways to remove Windows AntiBreach Patrol from targeted PC is to opt for Automatic Windows AntiBreach Patrol Removal Tool. With the help of advanced tool you can easily delete malicious program from your PC within few minutes. It performs deep scanning of entire system and deletes each folder of this destructive program in few simple clicks. The automatic tool is having capabilities to detect and delete all kinds of PC threats including viruses, Trojans, spyware, browser hijackers, rootkits and any other. It not only cleans your computer but also enhances its performance. So, if you computer is infected with Windows AntiBreach Patrol then you must use Windows AntiBreach Patrol Removal Tool in order to clean your system.

 RemoveWindows AntiBreach Patrol